10 Ways to have Customer Service Success

Customer Service is the gatekeeper and face of your brand.  The customers don’t see the VP’s, and tech people as the brand, they see the representatives who help them with their every need as the face of the brand!   The web also allows them to be heard and if they are happy, or unhappy, they will tell people.

Basically, you can’t afford to piss them off these days!

Your success can be measured if the following are focused on:

1.Just listen – going simple and just listening to their needs can significantly save time, yours and your customer’s.

2. Problem solver – make sure you can actually help the customer.  If you can, its success, and if you can’t, then you need to train them to help.

3. Value each customer – because they talk!  If they feel wanted, then they will spread the word and this has tremendous value.

4. Your well treated customers are an investment rather than a cost – Pick your best team member to represent the company.  They will prove to you that they are the right people.

5. Give customer service reps the power to succeed – if you train them adequately and give them control, they will make the right decisions for the customer and the company.  Customers won’t wait around for the rep to ‘Get the manager on the phone’.

6. Everyone can be a customer service rep – anyone who represents the company, whether the social media rep, or the salesman are in a way the customer service rep for the company.   Anything you say about the company can be mirrored to the face of the brand.

7. Keeping promises – keep it simple.   Don’t offer services or promises you can’t keep.  This will tarnish your brand significantly.   After all, customer service reps are your gatekeeper.

8. Get the users feedback ask them, and listen.  Then when you have good usable ideas, tell them that they talked and you listened.  They will appreciate it and be a long term customer.

9. Know the worst case scenario – be proactive, open and think of the worst case situations and be prepared.  Don’t be caught off guard and end up giving away products and services.

10. Create customer service gurus – they are the customer advocates, the voice of the public inside your organization so listen to them and see what they are hearing from the customers.  They are the eyes and ears so empower their knowledge.

Use these ideas and help your Customer support team be the best around.  Let people talk about you and grow through word of mouth and customer satisfaction.

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe