3 killer Customer Service Training Ideas to Implement Today

In order to successfully groom excellent customer service agents, you need to employ a number of customer service training ideas. Those ideas are specially formulated to incorporate all the aspects and equip one with the relevant and necessary skills required for great customer experience.

3 killer customer Service Training Ideas to Implement Today

1. The Word “No”

Basic psychology has over the years shown that the word “No” triggers a lot of negative emotions in the customers seeking support. Evoking such emotions is among the things a customer service agent should never do which is why the agent should avoid using the word unless it is absolutely necessary.

Training idea
The best idea used to train the agents against using the “No” word is a form of a game. Divide the group into two or three teams and have each group come up with as many ways as possible of saying No without using the actual word. Evaluate the answers keenly, eliminating any that may impact negatively on the problem of the customer. Whichever team that gets the most effective answers will be the winners of the exercise and may be rewarded. The whole exercise can also be broken down to individuals instead of teams in order to ensure that everyone participates in the process.


2. Know Who You Are


It is very important for customer service agents to know who they really are and realize their differences and similarities in the group in which they work. The representatives should clearly know the problems which they can handle themselves and who to turn to whenever they are unable to take care of a situation successfully.

Training idea
Get 4 sets of signs and write the following words on them:
First set: accommodating, Collaborative, Compromising, Competitive
Second set: Cared about, Cared for, Care giver, Caring
Third set: Watcher, Outgoing, Quiet, Talkative
Fourth set: Eager, Happy, Confused, Tired.

You should then reveal each set at a time and ask the agents being trained to stand next to the sign which they feel describes them the most. Each of them should then explain the reasons for choosing the selected word. Do the exact same thing with the remaining sets. This exercise works best when trying to integrate new customer service representatives with the old group. The individuals will be able to define and clearly understand their characteristics as well as those of their colleagues.

3. Ridiculous Complaints


The types of complains received usually vary in nature. The customer representatives should be able to handle any type, including the most ridiculous ones. The following activity should be able to prepare them for such.

Training idea
You should make a list containing ridiculous complains encountered by other employees in the past, and are likely to be encountered in the future. The scenarios should then be discussed or role-played with each representative showing how he/she would handle such a situation. This will ensure that they are well prepared and know exactly what to do without losing their composure during such situations


It is of utmost importance that all the members of a customer service representatives team be well trained and prepared to handle all the possible scenarios, with high levels of professionalism. For a fun and effective course, employ the customer service training ideas above and you shall be amazed by the results.

Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.