3 Rules for Great Customer Experience

We’ve talked a lot about how important it is to ensure a great customer experience in business. Considering business is entirely about the customer experience, and how inclusive of tons of subtopics the customer experience inherently is, it seems we’re never going to stop talking about this in the near future. Why? Because it’s important, and this must be brought to everyone’s attention from many angles and perspectives – as many as possible in fact. Pursuing the ultimate customer experience should be the holy grail of business, and something that, in the pursuit thereof no company should ever become complacent.

So, we’re going to touch generally on three important tenets of great customer experience that a business must focus single mindedly on, and never grow complacent in developing. These should be things that in the best and worst of times, a company should always strive to improve, even if no obvious flaws seem evident at the time. Enough is never enough when it comes to these facets.

#1 – Customer Empathy

Customer empathy we’ve talked a decent bit about in the past, but we want to make sure everyone is aware of how important this concept is. Customer empathy ensures that unsavory behaviors such as extortion, poor customer service and the like are never an issue, due to the people who would conduct such misdeeds feeling the pain of their customers should they choose to.

It also goes as far as to ensure that the people involved will strive to provide the best experience and satisfaction to customers possible, because the customer’s joy is their own. This is the ultimate incentive for employees to pursue working above and beyond requirements to ensure happy and satisfied customers. This is the most important, unifying tenet of positive customer experience, which will tie the other two together and enable them.

#2 – Customer Service Excellence

We’ve talked about this again and again, but there’s no harm in mentioning this again. Customer service is what your company will be judged for ultimately. You know that it is inevitable that some customers will have issues or questions, regardless of how exemplary your product or service happens to be.

The best things to adhere to here are being proactive in your contingencies for handling routine issues with customer service. However, also adopting new technologies and diverse channels through which to handle customer service goes a long way to making it more convenient, flexible and effective. Customers don’t like having to deal with customer service, ergo the faster and more effective said customer service is, the more positive their experience is going to be. This paints your company in a really good light, too.

#3 – Compromise

While there’s something to be said for limiting how and where your company will make compromises and concessions with customers, there is just as much to be said for having some give in your philosophy. Customers will appreciate a company that compromises on making an extra buck by passing the savings to the customer, or who are willing to make concessions when issues arise.

A company that makes reparations when things go awry is a company everyone respects.

These are key components to great customer experience, and they’re the things you should never stop striving to enforce and improve upon in your corporate culture and business philosophy.


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