3 Rules for Keeping Customers Happy

Do you know that there really are only three basic concepts you need to master to advanced levels for success in keeping customers happy. Over time, we’ve talked about so many customer satisfaction, customer support and other theories around here that it could, to the ill-experienced observer, seem that customer satisfaction is a really complex thing.

Well, there are genuinely times when keeping customers happy can be a major challenge, but it’s not because of the science behind customer satisfaction or customer experience. It’s just about the logistics of trying to satisfy most of the people most of the time, in that case. With that, it’s more about branding and culture than it is direct customer interaction and measures therein to make the customers happy per unit.

So, what are these three things to consider, and what do you do to address them? Well, we’re going to be retreading ground here, in two cases for the hundred billionth time, but that’s ok, we get new readers all the time.

#1 – Fast and Convenient Customer Service and Support

The biggest thing is your customer service and support. As I’ve said more times than there are galaxies in the cosmos, it is customer service and support for which you are ultimately judged, especially in cases where you’re negatively regarded.

Making customer support fast, convenient and flexible, so that people don’t have to use a channel they dislike, and sit on hold for hours on end, is a big boost to making these customers happy. Along with that, first contact resolutions and a skill in handling upset customers to send them away no longer unhappy, and instilling a feeling of empathy, contrition and respect make for happy customers through and through.

#2 – Engaging Customers

Engaging your customers is something I’ve touched on less, but I’ve still talked about it. You see, with the social network thing at its peak right now, having a proactive presence where you talk to users, respond to their discussion of you, and so forth is a good way to build a more personal relationship with them.

A company that moves from just a “give me your money to get stuff” service to being a friend, an approachable entity that appreciates you, not just your money and patronage, is just good business these days.

Yeah, I’m of the older, more insular inclination of not spending time on idle chit chat myself, as are many from my generation or before. But, we’re relics of a different social culture than what is now taking hold, so we can’t let our own values color how we handle the new world around us.

#3 – Showing Appreciation

More than just showing respect in service and proactive engagement, rewarding loyalty through benefits, discounts and other positive things is also going to build a bigger base of happy customers as well. It doesn’t even have to be something elaborate, as long as it’s genuinely a useful reward to some level, and genuinely expresses the respect and appreciation that is needed.

Keeping customers happy can be a tricky thing when you get into balancing demographics and opinionated bandwagons, but when it comes to the basic approaches for an individual customer, if you follow these basic rules wisely, you’ll succeed.


is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe