4 Fundamental Aspects of a Great Customer Service Philosophy

Excellent customer service is not a jigsaw puzzle and neither is it a special department. Customer service philosophy is what every business should practice, no matter how big or small it is. Customer service can be further broken down into four basic components. Whilst volumes of books are actually written about excellent service, these 4 factors may be regarded as the beginning point – the basic principles. By understanding these extremely easy ideas, you will be able to manage your customer service approach better and create magic for the clients.


4 Fundamental Aspects of a Great Customer Service Philosophy:


1. Using common sense

This suggests performing things that seem apparent. Hence this practice is all about taking care of your clients just like they want to be treated. Understand that what you’d anticipate might be different from what your consumer maybe looking for. For example, a bellman might work in a really costly hotel. He’ll most likely by no means stay at a resort such as the five Star in which he functions. But he very well knows what the hotel guests demand, and successfully delivers it for them.

2. Flexibility

Policies and Guidelines are practically nothing more than mere rules. Don’t allow “business policy” stand amidst the happiness of your client. There can be a point wherein you will have to stick to these policies but customers come first in most cases. So, if they are in any way wrong, then let them stay that way with dignity. Do whatever you can do to make your consumer happy. Along with empowering individuals to become flexible there is also a major initiative of proper training. If correctly educated and the workers are trained properly then they can satisfy the customer and at the same time bring profit to the company.


3. Solving Issues

You’ll find two kinds of issues to solve – non-business and business issues. Business issues involve taking care of complaints and meeting the customer requirements. Customers often come up with complaints, so you have to help them. Then you’ll find non – business issues that are very different from the first category. Solving non – business issues involve excellent PR skills.

4. Recovery

This can be among the most significant factors. You’ll be able to possess a happy consumer for a long time if you have a great recovery approach. Bear in mind, research have confirmed it is a lot less expensive to keep an old customer than to have a new one. Do everything you can so as to recover from a difficult issue, and also give the customer a fresh ray of confidence why he or she should stick to your business post the recovery. This means that you need to work on a problem from all perspectives beyond just fixing it. In order to get a client back, the business has to offer some complimentary services or products that will attract the client and make him or her stay.

There you’ve got 4 fundamental aspects of a great customer service philosophy. These easy but potent tools will help you achieve the best of customer service results.


Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.