5 Customer Service Must Reads This Week

In order to build a successful business, you need to build strong foundations. You need to have a good product, great customer service, loyal employees and of course-  loyal customers. In my favorite article of this week you can find out how to build a successful business from motivating your employees to build customer loyalty. And if it’s not enough, you can even find an example of a big company with amazing customer service.

Enjoy this week’s top 5!

The Psychology of Customer Service Motivation

Anyone can do the bare minimum, but how can we inspire ourselves and our employees to accomplish more? To give better customer service? You need to decide what is your ultimate purpose of your business and how you can reach it. In this article, by Flavio Martins, you will learn how to inspire and empower ourselves to go beyond just good enough.

Delighting People in 140 Characters: An Inside Look at JetBlue’s Customer Service Success

When it comes to large companies, customers don’t have very high except for great online customer service. Their service is not personal, they are flooded with other customer application and their response time is long.  JetBlue a very big company showing us that it’s possible. Lindsay Kolowich, the author of this article, interviewing Laurie Meacham, a manager of customer commitment in JetBlus, and reveals us the company secrets for customer success.

The Biggest Customer Service Mistake You Don’t Know You’re Making

Not every business should focus on customer service. When we talk about shoes, coffee, telephone businesses, there is no doubt you should get an excellent customer service. But, is it’s a transformation businesses, customer service is not enough, you should provide partnership. In this article, Danny Iny the author, explain us the difference between customer service and partnership and when we will use one over the other.

Respect Your Employees And Customer Service Will Improve

We all need to understand that the customer service  foundations are the employees. It all start with them, as they are the face of your company and  have direct access to customers. Treating employees with respect  is essential if employees are going to provide customer service withal their  heart. Micah Solomon highlights the importance of respecting employees, and providing us with five ways that a company and its leadership can provide service to its employees.

Building Customer Loyalty- What You Need to Know

Nowadays, customers can purchase products in many ways, and can easily transfer from one company to another, so how can we retain customers? Make them loyal from the beginning? In addition to the great service you provide, you must be able to do something unique that will make your customer loyal to you. In this article you will find eight tips that will help you build customer loyalty.

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