5 Customer Service Principles And Practices To Set

Having the right customer service principles and practices will help your business flourish, in terms of luring in more customers. The exclusive customer service is what will truly determine if a company will be successful or not. The best practices and principles of customer services will help to keep the customers coming back, and they can even bring in more customers. And the reverse is true, whereby, if you have bad and unfriendly customer service, you will chase away your customers. As long as all the other relevant resources are well taken care of, the customer service will be the only determining factor. A business is all about the customers, who are almost like the managers, or those who run it. In spite of your business niche, here are some of the customer services practices and principles that you can apply to make your business successful. 

5 Customer Service Principles And Practices To Set

1. Principle: Customer Service Is Worth Actual Money 

One mistake that most of the managers or business owners do is try and cut on the costs of customer services, for the sake of limiting the expenses. It should be noted that investing in a business is all about being ready and facing the risks. One successful entrepreneur said that you must use money to get money.

In other words, if you don’t invest, you will not be able to reap the profits. Customer service is all about showing your gratitude to the customers. For that, you can use all the strategies to get the attention of the customers. If you will have to call the new customers and ask them about their experience, then you can take that step. You can also ensure that there is a 24-hour line, ready to receive and find ways to solve any complaints from the customers. It might cost you an extra dollar to give loyal customers special gifts, but it will return you the favor of winning more customers and profits. 

2. Principle: Employees Matter Too 

If the employees are satisfied, they will most likely strive to offer their best of services to the customers. A scrutiny has shown that the quality of customer service is strongly reliable on the satisfaction of the customers. The truth of the matter is that customer service is very complex, and it needs professionalism and expertise in order to handle it.

Typically, it is very difficult to easily convince a person to buy a certain product, especially if the product is new on the market. For that, it would be important to recognize the efforts made by the employees and reward them accordingly. For instance, as a manager or a business owner, you can take the step of appreciating every employee. Especially if there has been a major win of customers, who have brought in more profit. It is good to be honest with your employees and always give them some incentives, for the sake of motivating them. The more you motivate them, the more they work hard to win more customers for the business. 

3. Practice: Appreciate The Customers 

Too many managers and owners of businesses tend to ignore that the customer know that they are appreciated. However, it is important to apply the customer service principles and practices that show you value them. Yes, you might have a hotline that is ready to receive the complaints from customers. But what about that customer who will come in person and have a complaint? There is where you will need to prove that your slogan or business motto is true. A business might have a motto saying that Customers Come First. When the customers see this motto, they will tend to believe that it is true, but you must prove so. For that, if a customer comes in person, you must show hospitality, explain how a given product function and even show how happy you are to have them bought the product. 

4. Principle: Customer Service Should Be Steady 

Too many businesses tend to be excited with the customers for the first time, then give up later. However, the customers need to always and always feel appreciated. For that, whatever practice you choose to do, you must ensure that it is consistent enough. This will help you to sustain your customers and be sure of winning more. It is advised that you choose a type of incentive that you can easily manage. For instance, if you choose to award every customer with a certain product every week, ensure that it is consistent. If you need to choose a daily incentive, which tends to be challenging to manage, you could reward an offer to any customer buying goods over a set limit. This will also help you not go at a loss. You could also decide to go with the end-month major promotion to all your customers, just ensure that you maintain it. 

5. Practice: Train Your Employees For The Best Customer Service

If you take the responsibility of training the relevant staff in dealing with the customers directly, you will be sure of having the perfect flow of customers into your business. If it’s in the call center, you must train the employees there on how to respond to customers and how to appreciate them. At the reception, train the personnel with relevant tips that will lure more customers. Once you have injected the right knowledge to the staff, you will then hold them responsible for any fault that happens. They should also dress and appear presentable to the customers. You must keep in mind that customers have different morals, and if your employees dress in a mortifying manner, they will chase the customers away. 

Technically, how you manage the practices and principles of customer service will determine how successful the business will be. This is true because technically, the customers will determine the progress of your business. You must also ensure that the staff is well trained on how to serve the customers and they should be motivated constantly. Your business is not based on your partnership, rather, how many customers you have. Without the customers, your business is falling and for that, you will need the right customer service principles and practices that will make them loyal enough.


Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.