7 Tips for Success – Get your Head in the Cloud(s)

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.com speaks at the Tomorrow Conference 2013

The CEO of a leading company, you may have heard of perhaps…yes Salesforce.  The company is a major game changer of a business when they use the tool.

The CEO spoke about technology and innovation and I certainly loved hearing him speak.  He enlisted us to what are the 7 attributes that guarantee success for a technology company, and even countries moving forward to become leaders.

  1. Social networks – sounds obvious, but the power of social is all that obvious.  Any business that uses social to connect is already 5 years ahead and staying on edge.  Look at companies like Waze, who changed the simple concept of GPS with a simple addition.
  2. Mobile – use mobile to connect with customers who are already on 2 or more devices.  Grab their attention.
  3. Big data and customer analytics – it’s vital to understand your customers so it’s now becoming key that we need to invest in data and analytics.  When social came out, people couldn’t figure out the ROI. Now we can, and we see that without social, there is no business.
  4. Building communities rapidly – this relates to the viral effect.  Use your community to share your news, and message, and they will share too.  If you target this correctly, you will spread through the community rapidly.
  5. Every business and company is now a software company – it’s now the end to the days when only software companies were software companies.  Now every company is investing in software and becoming software companies.  Car companies are developing unique software tools for their machines and employees, and even stretching to hospitals.  It’s everywhere!
  6. Cloud – it’s simple.  It connects you and speeds up the business and its efficiency.
  7. Trust – with technology, we now can trust our peers and have a better service.  We trust our doctors, mechanics and lawyers, so trust technology too.   When your machines are connected the fundamental of trust. Trust changes. Trusted relationships will change. The companies that will have all these components will work. Create a customer company. Connect with employees and customers and partners in new ways.

What we can learn is that this isn’t a guaranteed tool for success, but these are the attributes that many countries that are leading the technology field are harboring are using.   Embrace everything around you and move forward, and innovate.

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe