8 Customer Service Articles You Can’t Miss

This month we had some incredible customer service articles covering a wide scope of issues, some are trending, others are often being looked over: The use of social media as a tool for customer service and support, the important distinction between customer service and experience and the power of verbal and non-verbal communication within the ranks of your customer service employees.  Hope you’ll learn from these articles as much as I did!


Why Consumers Don’t Rely on Social Media for Customer Service

A short and concise article discussing the results of a recent survey made by Nice Systems and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). It reveals all the major pain points and key issues that may rise when using social media for customer service.  The survey revealed that among the 65% of internet users worldwide who never use social media for customer service, a third said it is because it takes too long to address issues.

Additionally, 32% of internet users worldwide said that using social media for customer service provides limited functionality, and 30% said it is not feasible for complex tasks.


Customer Service Is Not Only About The Smile Of Employees

This fantastic article comes all the way from the Rwanda, Africa. In it, Sandra Idossou explores the powerful impact of good customer service on business success, from the retail shop or the restaurant all the way to the biggest enterprises and global giants.


How to Develop Integrated Social Customer Service Strategies

“Whether or not a question on social media gets answered, and how quickly it gets answered, shouldn’t depend on whether the person asking is a current or a potential customer. The best customer experience comes when all questions and complaints receive equal priority.” – This is part of the comprehensive research Software Advice did on customer service. The article, by Kimberlee Morrison, analyzes the findings, and presents interesting statistics to consider when planning your customer service.

Know the Difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience

This article is aimed to everyone who has ever mixed between the two terms. In a nutshell Customer experience is about fostering employee engagement to better understand the customer, while respond accordingly while customer service is all about the ongoing support and rapid response for current clients. This Disney Institute article simplifies the differences, and then presents three actions any organization can take to start moving its customer experience toward tip-top shape.


5 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Improve Customer Service

Want to get happier customers, fewer returns and a reduction in churn and attrition? This list is exactly what you need. 5 simple pro tips, provided by Jennifer Schiff, which can boost your online customer service and make your brand a powerhouse for your customers.

4 Ways Mobile App Providers Can Deliver Better Customer Service

Devoting your resources for customer service can be a lot more valuable than adding another feature to your app. This DestinationCRM article focuses on the mobile app providers and maintains the argument that keeping customers happy is the best way to retain and grow revenue.


Acceptable Customer Service Drives Away Customers

“Acceptable” is not enough, “exceptional” is the goal. In this great article, Ian Altman discusses the distinction between the normative customer experience and the potential customer experience every company should provide.


CRM trends: Social media beats email for customer service

The study in this article shows that email is falling behind social media when it comes to customer service. In total 100 companies across the insurance, travel, entertainment retail, food retail, electronics retail, consumer electronics manufacturers, utilities, fashion retail, telecoms and banking sectors were evaluated so this study is cross-industry, and we can all learn a lot from it. What’s truly great about this article is an infographic that summarizes the research in a simple, clear way.




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