8 Must-Reads from June 2016

It’s that time of the month again! Welcome to another edition of our monthly top-8, featuring the best articles in the customer service world. This month we have a few treats: an article that explores the power of virtual reality for customer service, a post that looks at the impact of using AI when interacting with customers, and a piece that analyzes common customer service mistakes and how to learn from them.

20 Tips for Building Your Customer Service Team

Digital technology had an enormous impact on communication. This advancement is creating a great opportunity to enhance your company’s customer service. This article by Michael Guta explores the powerful applications of social media, mobile technology, instant communication, big data, analytics and machine learning as tools of better service.

Discover how you can reduce your hold times while increasing customer satisfaction. 

What New Technologies Will Improve Customer Service?

Building off the previous article, this piece discusses the best tools available at your fingertips for service providers. The interesting approach in this article is that the customer is the one that should determine the communication channel, not the company.


How an “Aloha Attitude” Goes a Long Way in Customer Service

Those of you who have been to Hawaii recognize that the locals are very positive and welcoming. In this article, Asma Stephan suggests that this approach is not just a façade for tourists, but a genuine, general attitude that fosters great customer care. Stephan goes on to give tips on how you can learn from the Hawaiians and bring that “Aloha Attitude” back to your company.


The Evolution of Customer Service: How Companies Are Using Chatbots

It’s become common to see a popup chat-box with a picture of a smiling rep offering assistance in the bottom corner of websites. These chat-boxes use AI to provide answers to frequently asked questions. As the AI continues to improve, these bots are becoming a viable solution for instant customer service.


5 Fails by Angie’s List — Why “Soft Skills” Are Key to Customer Service Success

This is a must-read article for any customer service manager. Bob Thompson shares his negative customer service experience and compares it to customer service from giants like Amazon. The great thing about his recommendations is that he backs it up with a detailed study he did about customer service investment.


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Why Great Customer Service is The Best Kind of Marketing

Question: What is the price of attention? Answer: The value of the customer who left because of it. Learn the powerful link between service and marketing and use that to your advantage to boost growth or reduce churn.


Why Customer Engagement is Just as Important as Customer Service

The means by which we engage customers have to include a personal touch. The way customers are being serviced has to include strategic elements from a customer engagement policy. Customer engagement means making sure every single feature of brand communications is addressing customers’ needs and desires.


Shanghai Disney’s Grand Opening and The Magic of Customer Service

Sara Wong from Kelly Services’ in Hong Kong said that, although customer service is very important for Disney, “there is still a huge gap between their standard and normal Chinese standards.”

“Disney will be aiming to set a new high bar for service in China”, said Chris Yoshii of Aecom. He stated that “local parks’ standards of cleanliness, maintenance and customer service are generally lower than international operators.” Yoshii also said that Chinese theme parks lack staff engagement with visitors, which goes against the norm for most Disneyland parks, where staff is known to be friendly and energetic.

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