9 Oscar Worthy Funny Customer Support Videos

Excited for the 2016 Academy Awards? Well, get ready for our own acknowledgeable list of funny customer support videos. From hilarious and outrageous customers and customer service agents, to some helpful tips on how to deal with dissatisfied customers, these ten videos truly are Oscar worthy. Enjoy!


1. Dealing with Angry Customers

This video gives some helpful tips on how to deal with angry customers who are dissatisfied with the service. First, allow the customer to explain their feelings without interruption. Then calmly and respectfully try to diffuse the situation by offering solutions to the problem. In the video the woman is upset that her new shoes broke, so the employee appeared empathetic and calm throughout the conversation which comforted the woman and allowed her to think more rationally. When representatives don’t allow themselves to get upset, and remain empathetic and calm, the situation is easily diffusible and an unhappy customer can quickly be turned into a happy one.


2. Love Your Customers with John O’Hurley- Funny Customer Service Training Video

In his video, John O’Hurley discusses how to become and remain number one with your customers. He impersonates various types of personas in different situations, showing that every customer is valuable no matter how unimportant they may look, or act. Going that extra mile and remembering to do things like greeting the customer with a smile, listening to everything they have to say, and doing your best to help solve their problem is key to retaining happy customers.


3. Live and Funny Customer Support and Service

In this funny video there is a focus on some of the ridiculous situations that stem from call centers. Not being able to choose the option relevant to you, waiting on for hold for long periods of time, and simply not receiving the help you need are all some big issued people face. We’ve all been there, and people like the woman in the video often feel helpless and alone when seeking help over the phone. This video makes light of a frustrating situation that occurs all too often.


4. Funny Customer Service

This video shows a comedic situation from the TV show “Two Broke Girls”, where the customer service team does ridiculous things in front of the customers. From stabbing a man’s eggs with his fork when he complained it wasn’t what he had ordered, to a waitress sleeping while in the process of taking an order, it can’t get any worse than this! This video will make you feel better about the times you didn’t follow all the rules you were supposed to.

5. Top 6 Ways to Get an Angry Customer to Back Down

This helpful video presents six methods on how to deal with an angry customer. From apologizing immediately, to asking how you can help, these tips will guide you on how to interact with an unhappy customer and flip the situation for the better. It is important to remember not to get angry along with the customer, and to make sure not to give the customer an emotional reaction. Maintaining calmness and control is key to diffusing an angry customer.


6. Seinfeld Customer Service Example

For the Seinfeld characters, almost everything results in a funny experience. In this episode, the soup server at the restaurant is known to have no patience or tolerance for his customers, and he even goes so far as to throw them out of his store. Some of the characters decide to test the soup server in all his glory. Watch this hilarious video and learn what NOT to say to your customers.


7. Bad Customer Service Montage

In this montage we see some very poor behavior taken from various TV clips from both the customers and the customer representatives that just makes you want to laugh out loud. Whether it’s blatantly ignoring your customer, or simply not providing them with the service they requested, these customer service employees are simply not fulfilling any part of their job description. Sit back and laugh at all the ridiculous ways you could be acting toward your customers.


8. Customer Service (Comedy)

Ever call up a customer service agency and get someone on the other line who is IMPOSSIBLE to understand? Or who doesn’t understand what you’re trying to explain to them? I’m sure we can all relate to this humorous video where the customer and customer service agent are simply not communicating the way they should be. This funny video presents situations that we all know shouldn’t still be occurring, but unfortunately still does.


9. Prank: Bad Customer Service on Hidden Camera

Imagine if you had the opportunity to ask the customer why they put up with poor service, and didn’t say anything about it? Well, in n this video you can! You’ll learn what people truly think when they are treated with poor customer service, and why some people don’t speak up and complain. By using a hidden camera to record some really bad customer service, to an interview with a customer service expert, you’ll both laugh and learn from this video!



Amy Clark is the Lead Author & Editor of IWantItNow Blog. Amy established the Customer Engagement blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to customer service, support and engagement.