A Leading Bank Adopts IBM to Transform Customer Experience

Innovation and technology are always the things that catch my eye, when checking the web every morning, and when major enterprises and corporations do just that, to improve the customers experience, that makes me smile.

I came across a news announcement that a major bank in the Middle East (Jordan Ahli Bank) has decided to flourish their customer experience by adding important engagement tools to their service.

The bank turned to IBM to provide a universal banking platform that includes smarter banking applications from Temenos that will utilize IBM’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform and smarter computing hardware infrastructure. IBM is delivering the services in collaboration with its business partners Jordan Business Systems and Professionals for Smart Technology (PST),

What I liked about this partnership was that more and more banks are becoming aware that the experience is a major part of the customers loyalty.  This bank is moving forward and being proactive to make sure their customers are ahead of the times and most importantly happy.

“IBM is working closely with banks to implement smarter systems that allow them to become increasingly agile while continuing to offer innovative services to customers in order to gain a competitive edge in the market,” said Amr Refaat, General Manager, IBM Middle East and Pakistan. “Those who create innovative solutions that learn from and improve on the experience of individual customers will deepen customer relationships and ultimately create new pathways for revenue growth”.

If you want to Find our more about this, please read the original press release here 

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