All Things Customer Service

Customer Service!  It’s my world.

This Blog is focused on Customer Service for the Instant gratification era.  The ‘I want it now’ mentality.    The faster the results, the better for everyone.

This blog will focus on the main KPI’s of the full Customer Service Experience.  “I want it now” will discuss all the daily jargon, but will make sense of it all.

Are Email volumes the main concern, are the inbound calls driving you crazy, with minimal results or is the FCR’s, AHT’s and FTE’s that are the focus for you.   We will in a sense discover the Holy Grail of Customer Service.

WalkMe, the GPS of the web acts as a Customer Service tool, like many others such as LivePerson, it can significantly reduce your costs while serving the customers every need (even those they didn’t think they needed).

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