Amazing Customer Service News You Probably Missed This Week

A New Year and a New start!  New year resolutions are already out the window, but its not too late to catch up on the news round up of the week!

Win the Customer, a customer service blog highlights the top news from 2012.

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A recent study showed that 71% of brands dont reply to their customers’ tweets!  An alarming figure considering that this is the HOT topic for customer service reps all over the world.

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This week we cna learn from the Team at CSI, and see how Siri created the next big thing in Customer Sservice.

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It may be a sensitive subject to say that the customers are not important!  We are not going that far, but the idea came up this week that perhaps not all customers are VIP customers.

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Another great piece by the CSI guys!  Social customer service is taking front stage once again. Read how great power comes great responsibility (now who wants it?)

Check out this great customer service infographic shared by the people at Social Media Today.  4 CRM Lessons Learned from “The Great Social Customer Service Race”.

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Have a great weekend and remember that if your customers want it now, you have to give it to them!

is Specialist in Customer Success and chief writer and editor of I Want It Now, a blog for Customer Service Experts. Follow her @StefWalkMe