Listen to Your Employees, Value Your Customers – an interview with influencer Ricardo S. Gulko

Ricardo S. Gulko has been helping large companies as executive and global strategist such as Samsung, Amdocs, Ericsson, Vodafone among several other to enhance their services,delivery, customer experience to ensure customer success with a hands on approach.   In his interview with me, he shared his insights on the current state of the customer service

Top 5 Articles On Keeping Your Agents (Happy)!

In order to continue providing the best customer support a company has to offer, it is crucial to ensure the retention of the corresponding quality agents who do the providing. To start the year off right, make sure you are looking inward as well as outward and keeping your agents happy so that in turn

Walk The Path – From Self-Service to Automation

A few years ago, when self-service was first introduced, most customers were not enthusiastic. As Steven Van Belleghem explains in the following video, the evolution of the internet has changed customer service and allowed companies the opportunity to provide information publicly to their clients so they may resolve any issues on their own.   The

6 Customer Service Predictions for 2017: Westworld Edition

Now that we have parted ways with 2016, it is time to embrace the future. What better way to do this than staying ahead of the curb and adopting the latest technology before anyone else does? We have aligned our predictions of 2017’s new customer service trends with this year’s hottest new HBO hit TV

How to Stay on Santa’s “Nice” List ( When Customers Drive You Crazy)

As much as we all love and appreciate our customers and their business, it’s no secret that some of them have a tendency to drive us insane. Although it can be tempting to be just as “naughty” to them in return, it is the job of the support agent to remain professional under pressure. With

November’s Top 8: Customer Service & Social Media Engagement

November is a month for digging deeper and finding meaning, looking inward to focus on what you have to be thankful for and connecting with your loved ones. This month we can reflect upon the ways in which social media can impact the quality of our company’s customer service by reviewing the top social media