5 Must Use Tools for Better Digital Customer Support

Customer support is catching up with the twenty-first century and  and we are finally entering the digital customer support era. These days, customers prefer to solve their problems over the Internet using  email or social media to contact support rather than picking up the phone. Sometimes that means customers are solving their own problems with

The Very Best of Customer Service August 2016

Welcome to another monthly roundup of the best customer service articles from August 2016! Learn how to find the right people for your customer service team, what grave mistakes are hurting your customer service, read an exclusive interview with the CEO of booking.com on customer service and find the list of banks with top customer

In Just One Hour, Discover How to Ensure Smooth Customer Journey Transitions

A customer journey expresses the customer’s experience from preliminary contact, through the course of engagement and into a long-term connection. This webinar focuses on the final part of the process, providing great tips and tricks on how to achieve this. The panel of experts who participated included Emilia D’Anzica, VP of Customer Engagement at WalkMe,

The Customer Service Must-Reads from July 2016

This month, we had some incredible customer service articles come our way. The articles covered a range of topics that are generally overlooked: the power of chatbots and AI for your support teams, the important distinction between customer service and experience, and a daring story about a customer service employee that went above and beyond

You HAVE to see how ASOS responded to this customer’s complaint

British DJ Jay Whalley sent in an exchange for a blazer to fashion retailer ASOS, yet when he did not receive a response or his blazer, he did what any good customer would do. Write an Eminem inspired message to customer service. The Facebook message Whalley wrote follows a similar flow and pattern to a

What You Can Learn from Disney about Acing the Transition to Digital Customer Service

For decades, people have traveled to Disney World to escape reality for a few days. Once you first enter the front gates of the Magic Kingdom, you’ve stepped into a world of wonder and joy. Suffice it to say that Disney doesn’t need to implement big changes to improve its theme-park experience – there honestly