3 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Customer Service Skills

Much of the data collected by Zendesk and the Harvard Business Review reports that 50-70% are frustrated with your customer service skills. Consulting giant Accenture reports a 66% chance of your customers switching to a competitor due to poor customer service. The breakdown of poor customer service is defined as Rude or unhelpful staff (42%),

Customer Relationship Management Strategy Best Practices

Ask yourself this question. “What’s my customer relationship management strategy?” Chances are, you’ll begin either mentally or verbally reciting the same credo every company does, with generalities about how the customer is important, the customer is always right, and the customer comes before all else. As the recent film Cloud Atlas said, “honor thy consumer”. Well,

Important Customer Loyalty and Profitability Tips

It may be hard to believe just how tightly linked customer loyalty and profitability really are. It’s very easy, in the business world, to become hung up on the goal of customer acquisition, and lose sight of customer loyalty and retention. Of course, subscription services like SaaS and communications understand the crucial nature of customer loyalty.