Customer Focused Strategies That Can Fit any Business

So, I wonder how many people actually don’t realize that customer focused strategies for any given business aren’t really that complicated to implement. I know that a lot of businesses have a hard time transitioning to a customer focus when they’re coming from a different time when the definition of this concept was significantly unlike it

How to Improve Technical Support in 5 Easy Steps

So, having spent a lot of time on general coverage customer support, maybe it’s time technical support got some specific attention. A lot of the practices and caveats we’ve cited about customer service – in fact all of them, are just as readily applicable to technical support, as well, and we’ll touch on them briefly later.

Customer Relationship Management Solution – Is it Right for You?

When the time comes to work out a customer relationship management solution, you have a lot of factors to consider, and you have a lot of pressure to do this right. CRM and by extension CS are the things for which your company is judged first in all things. This means that your CRM and CE

Customer Support Chat Software Review – Best of the Best

Customer support chat software is important in modern customer service and CRM fields. With real time becoming very much an important role in customer support, call centers and help desks are losing their edge over real time chat systems and CRM via social network. There are a lot of options to choose from, so let’s take a look at five

4 Customer Support Tips Explained in Easy Steps

Despite being a programmer as my primary occupation, my education and past work experience leaves me with quite an intimate knowledge of customer support and the sciences and social dynamics behind it. While I’m more accustomed to people asking me for tips regarding programming these days, I still find people sometimes coming up to me for

How to Improve Customer Support in 7 Creative Ways

It’s high time people put some thought into being more creative with ideas on how to improve customer support. The truth is, CS is a nightmare, because the most reliable and primary system for contact is the telephone calling center. These systems work but are ultimately inconvenient for everyone. Alas, until recently, the internet wasn’t integral