Customer Retention Definition and Best Practices

Let’s talk a little about customer retention definition. We’ve talked about related issues in the past, such as reducing churn rates and the lifetime value of customers but, what exactly differentiates customer retention from these topics. Is it more important as a result of its differentiation, and what are some things that can be done to

Back to Basics on Customer Service Training Ideas

Customer service training ideas seem to not have changed much in the past thirty or so years, and this is actually rather distressing when you really think about it. In thirty years, technology has changed drastically, and partly as a result, so has the outlook of the public in general. Patience is no longer considered a

Customer Relationship Management – What Everybody Ought to Know About

Customer relationship management services are a vital part of modern business. It may be difficult sometimes to justify the need for these in the eyes of stakeholders, investors or even accountants within a company, but there is no contesting the importance of the services and the roles they play in modern business. Few people outside

What Customer Service Teams Can Learn From Martin Luther King

When leading a customer service team, the main things you usually look for in employees is hard working personalities that are interested on giving people advice. Working as a customer service representative can often be quite a stressful job, as there will always be really annoying people calling to ask some of the most irrelevant

It’s all about price – or are Shoppers Willing to Pay More for Better Customer Experience?

    We all love a good deal, a bargain and to perhaps even haggle a little.  But have you ever wondered if the customer experience matters at all and how low will you go before you give up on the brand? A study by Oracle reveals that customer experience is now a key driver