EC² – Every Connection Counts Principle Explained

Today, I have the heavy responsibility of discussing a business philosophy that even experts thereof kind of struggle with making sense out of. If you haven’t heard of the every connection counts philosophy, then in some ways you’re lucky as all heck, and in other ways, you are actually missing out on some things that

Customer Service News, Especially for you!

This week, the weeks leading up to christmas are getting exciting for all of us!  but there are some preparations we need to make for the call center and our customer service department to make sure the experience within the business, and its offerings are not effected.  I’m talking about making Christmas provisions, so staff

Identifying Customer Needs for Better Customer Service

We’ve talked in the past about identifying customer needs. Especially, we talked heavily about “special needs”, at which time I went out of the way to point out that special needs meant more than accommodating the disabled. So, there’s not really any need, for many of you, to go into defining and explaining needs. But,

The Drivers of Customer Satisfaction Explained

So, over time, we’ve talked a lot about different concerns when it comes to customer support, customer experience and customer loyalty. We’ve talked about issues directly related to these, like monthly recurring revenue, lifetime values of customers, metrics like customer acquisition costs, and even analytics topics for discerning (beyond the range of Heisenberg effect problems)

3 Rules for Keeping Customers Happy

Do you know that there really are only three basic concepts you need to master to advanced levels for success in keeping customers happy. Over time, we’ve talked about so many customer satisfaction, customer support and other theories around here that it could, to the ill-experienced observer, seem that customer satisfaction is a really complex

Customer Service News Delivered to your Desk

Customer service has always been a passion and thats because its often at the forefront of any business.  It’s now coming up to the big holidays and everyone is wondering how to manage the call centers when all your employees want to celebrate christmas with their families.  Social customer care will take a front stage

Internal and External Customers Satisfaction Tips

Is customer satisfaction different for internal and external customers? Well, the short answer to that is a resounding yes. But, the thing to consider is that these two concepts are themselves tremendously different, so the fact that the criteria and concerns for satisfaction within these is less of a surprise than you might think it