Tips for Handling Customer Complaints Better

Handling customer complaints is an unpleasant, difficult and unavoidable part of business. If you work in any kind of customer relations department, be it sales, support or customer service, you’re going to receive these customer complaints, and you’re going to have to act on them in one way or another. Even inaction is itself an

Travel Industry: Can Customer Service All be the Same?

A recent trip to London meant I had to get on a plane, and deal with check-ins, self-service kiosks, security rules and of course taking off my shoes to make sure I had the all clear. All part of the fun of course. Customer service is everywhere we go, and its there within the travel industry even

How Can a Business Improve Customer Service

How can a business improve customer service? This is a question that you should never stop asking, because no matter how great your company is, and how solid your service and support departments appear to be, there is always – repeat – always room for improvement in customer service. This is a challenge in business

How to Improve Customer Service using WalkMe

We’ve talked at an extreme length about how to improve customer service. Time and time again, we’ve pointed out how the call center is a bit of an unavoidable plague upon humanity, and that alleviating the workload on this structure by offloading the traffic to other venues is the first and foremost thing to do.

Important Healthcare Customer Service Training Tips

It’s easy to assume that healthcare customer service training is going to be no different than training agents for any other industry, when it comes to the overall science of customer service. Well, naturally, there are some shared constants and tenets that transfer to any application and industry where customer service relates. But, healthcare is

How to Give Great Customer Service

Sometimes it feels like we’ve talked how to give great customer service into the ground, without anyone taking to heart the things we say. Customer service is one of the most important parts of the customer experience, and as we’ve said a billion times now, it is your customer service and support quality that you