How to Identify your Customer Preferences

How do you identify your customer preferences? Is this any different than customer special needs? Well, yes and no. Special needs are a bit more cut and dry, and a bit more core than your preferences. But, this doesn’t mean that preferences aren’t immensely important. So, let’s take a look at what customer preferences really

Managing your Customer Service Expectations

Dealing with customer service expectations is a nightmare. Customer service is a difficult science, dealing with technologies, human relations and communications, protocol definitions and of course some good old fashion negotiation skills. People expect everything at once from customer service, and the truth is that you can’t please all of the people all of the

Identifying your Customer Special Needs

When it comes to identifying customer special needs, you have to step back a little, because this means two things, depending. Special needs can mean accommodations needed due to disabilities, or it can just mean specific accommodations to meet a target demographic or organizational culture. So, when faced with the task of mapping these needs,

Customer Focus Groups Best Practices

It’s a popular cop out to skirt around the topic of customer focus groups when talking about improving customer service, or usability or a number of other fields where customer feedback and social analysis are needed. Focus groups are far from something new, being a source of social research since written language existed, though it’s

In the News, On the Brain This Week

Customer service is always on our minds, because its vital to mosts businesses and their success!  with the intorduction of social media being a key factor in everyones strategy, customer service is now a form of marketing. First up this week, we have a great infographic from  72% of Companies using Unified Agent Desktop increase