Important Customer Satisfaction Metrics to Follow

So, customer satisfaction metrics are obviously something important to keep an eye on, because a satisfied customer is potentially a loyal customer and potentially an addition to a good standing reputation as a company. A better reputation also brings profitability and growth right along with loyalty. But, what are the important metrics for this? Some

Customer Journey Mapping Best Practices

Customer journey mapping is just a buzz word. Let me point that out right off the bat, because all this really is, is another term for customer experience graphing or cycling. We all hate this nonsense where twenty different terms mean the same thing, it really destroys the efficiency of sciences and disciplines, and causes

3 Easy Ways to Get Customer Insight

One of the harder things to plan for is obtaining solid customer insight. We’ve talked before about this sort of problem when it comes to user experience analytics acquisition, and the problem with Heisenberg effects (what you study you also change). But, in the case of customer support, it’s less about Heisenberg and more about

3 Customer Service Segmentation Tips

Customer service segmentation is a difficult and potentially dangerous issue to approach. For those not familiar with customer segmentation in general, it’s the process of dividing up customers into smaller groups based on key shared aspects such as demographic, account type, product type, age or other issues. The thing is, it’s a bit of a

Customer Service News Knocking on your Door!

Customer service week is in full winter swing!  I love winter because its a chance for me to curl up and catch up on customer service news!  the buzz word is Self service and customer experience.  So lets jump right in! First we have a piece from the SalesForce blog.  check out the hidden influence

How Can We Servion You?

I recently had the opportunity to interview a couple of expert in customer service.  David Baker and Shankaran Nair from Servion spoke to me and gave me insight into how they see the customer service world going in the coming years. So lets see what these guys had to say. Q: What methods do you

Improve IT Support Using WalkMe

IT support is one of those departments that nobody starts out aspiring to work in. Those who love technology and want to work with it often find themselves either defaulting to this department, or serving the mandatory sentence of building some experience by working in this department. However, people who do work in this department