4 Customer Support Outsourcing Tips

Customer support outsourcing is a source of a good deal of contention among support people for a number of reasons. There is of course the economic protest that comes from outsourcing this sort of thing overseas, and I’m not about to touch on that one, because my political views (which are simple and don’t have

How do you Define Excellent Customer Service

How do you define excellent customer service? This is a question that all businesses should ask themselves, because customer service is a crucial aspect of business and customer experience. You see, one of the problems with botched customer service, besides alienating a given customer, is that when a customer has a bad experience, they will

Extra Extra! Read All About Customer Service

This week has gone by so fast that I barely realised that there has been some great news and thoughts being spread in the customer service world.   We have seen how you can monitor customers growing, and how you can use multi channel support to have the best customer service!  Social media has also

Will the Contact Center Not Exist in the Future?

Call Centers may not be in any danger of dying but their role is definitely changing. According to a recent study conducted by Loudhouse Research it was found that 69 percent of Business to Consumer (B2C) companies see their call centers as critical for generating revenue. Technology is also having a huge impact on call

Exciting Call and Contact Center Solutions

Businesses understand the need for exemplary, fast and convenient customer service and support. No matter how great their product or service is, or how popular their brand may be, if they fail at customer service and experience, it all comes crashing down around them. That’s not good. So, it’s not a surprise that everyone is

Top 3 Virtual Call Center Software

Call centers suck. There’s no arguing this. People hate having to call in for customer service and support, nobody likes phone trees or hold times, and it’s just not the most efficient medium these days. Unfortunately, the call center is so engrained in our society, globally, that there’s no chance of getting rid of this