Best Virtual Call Center Software

It’s time to talk about virtual call center software, what to look for in it, and what’s the best at the moment. Call centers are a remnant of a time before TCP/IP, and perpetuated by the reluctance or slow propagation of TCP/IP into established mediums. Everyone, including call center professionals, will admit this system is very

Important Call Center Customer Service Tips

Well, I’m going to talk more about call center customer service tips. Because like I’ve said many times in the past, I will continue to hammer this point home until I see call centers actually heeding this very sensible advice. I deal with call centers on a frequent basis, and so I will likely see it

3 Best Customer Satisfaction Books

While at the bookstore the other day, I was again surprised to see a new genre of books in the business area. My curiosity piqued, I grabbed one of them and read a little of it at their coffee bar. Don’t tell them I did that, it’s against the rules. I was fascinated by just how insightful the

Must Attend customer support conferences of 2013

Customer support conferences are a useful and powerful event which any business professional can stand to benefit from. If you deal with customers in any way, shape or form directly, then you, regardless your department, can learn how to handle customers better by attending these conferences. Customer support conferences provide insight into the psyche of consumers,

How to Improve Customer Service in a Call Center

I’ve talked before about how to improve customer service in a call center, but since I’ve not been seeing an improvement in call centers I’ve dealt with of late, I guess I am going unheard, as are countless others. Or perhaps the people who need to hear this information just haven’t noticed it. There’s nothing that

Is a Customer Support Software Right for You?

A big question brewing with the digital paradigm shift of CS is if customer support software is the right direction to go, and how much control and relegation should be given unto it, versus good old fashioned free-thinking, home grown humans. Well, that’s a very good question actually, and you know what? It actually entails some