Free Customer Service Software Out There, But Which is Best?

If you want reliable free customer support software, the truth of the matter is, you may have to make some sacrifices. There is only one environment where such complex software can willingly be free, and that is the realm of Linux, or at least Linux-minded PHP. The thing is, though, this is all about the server,

Customer Support Issues Fixed in 5 Easy Steps

There is no such thing as a company with no customer support issues. Every system in dealing with the influx of customer complaints, questions and technical issues is ever going to be perfect and one hundred percent effective. In fact, all systems like this begin to slip and bloat and lose efficiency over enough time, resulting

Want Great Customer Support? Check Out 4 Benefits

Great customer support is more or less the holy grail of most businesses. Considering business is a system of companies doing their best to satisfy customers through good policy, good services rendered and good handling of problems, customer support is pretty much the core of a business interaction. If customer support isn’t solid, then there is

Call Center Tips you Can’t Afford to Ignore

Undoubtedly, if you’re looking for call center tips, you have come to the right place. Resolutions are not within target time spans  wait times are high, or the people performing the job are for some reason having trouble being effective. These problems and many more may be going on right now, and you’ve seen these warning signs

3 Rules for Great Customer Experience

We’ve talked a lot about how important it is to ensure a great customer experience in business. Considering business is entirely about the customer experience, and how inclusive of tons of subtopics the customer experience inherently is, it seems we’re never going to stop talking about this in the near future. Why? Because it’s important, and

How to Use Online Customer Service Software to your Benefit

Online customer service software isn’t new, but it’s sure getting a lot more attention these days, with SaaS constructs and cloud computing gaining steam. Everything is making the shift from a client side design over a LAN to a centralized computing powerhouse using the already existing backbone of the internet and the natural cross-platform and power-independent

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Today, we’re going to talk about something everyone’s interested in, how to improve customer satisfaction. This is an ongoing goal for any company worth their salt, and for good reason. An unsatisfied customer is not a returning customer. Lost customers are lost profit, which equals failure when the incremental loss adds up. The phrase “the customer