Avaya Offer 7 trends for the Contact Center

Avaya recently released a white paper discussing the trends driving effectiveness in the contact center.  This was very interesting to me because I am so involved in the learning and engagement for success in the call center.

Contact center and customer experience experts are constantly finding ways to maintain response time and support quality as they adapt to new technologies and consumer expectations while adopting new channels. In this environment, Self Service, e-mail, social media, chat, instant message and even video are preferred by customers, the KPI’s used to measure effectiveness need to improve. Earlier call center models need to give way to new models that can deliver on long-anticipated transformation goals — goals that move contact centers from cost center to profit center.

The part that was very interesting for me was the & trends that I signed up for.

The Seven trends are:

Trend #1. A focus on quality of customer interactions, not quantitative yardsticks

Trend #2. Engaging customers on their terms

Trend #3. Knowledge-centered service and chat

Trend #4. Analytics — gaining intelligence from big data

Trend #5. Evolution of the contact center agent

Trend #6. The power of embracing customer and employee mobility

Trend #7. The impact of cloud-based contact center services


Automated proactive customer contact solutions enable outreach to more customers at about one-tenth the cost of agent-based contact models. This provides a higher level of customer relationship management and minimizes customer complaints from lack of correspondence.

Get the full white paper here


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