The Very Best of Customer Service August 2016

Welcome to another monthly roundup of the best customer service articles from August 2016!

Learn how to find the right people for your customer service team, what grave mistakes are hurting your customer service, read an exclusive interview with the CEO of on customer service and find the list of banks with top customer service.


5 Customer Service Interview Questions Every Manager Should Be Asking

“Talk to me about a bad customer service incident that you’ve experienced.” – Every company needs superstars at the customer service frontlines, this is why the interview for the role has to be very precise and effective. Check out 5 questions that will help you understand if the person sitting in front of you is made out to become a service rep.



This Is The Worst Customer Service Mistake You Can Make

Deliver a positive experience, and 69% of Americans will recommend you, but a poor experience will send 89% somewhere else. This is why outsourcing your customer service can be a huge risk to your company’s success. Outsourcing might save you money in the short-term, but inside teams offer insider knowledge, local culture, and real understanding of the product. These are the factors that can make or break customer service.


Multichannel Customer Service Is Falling Short (Report)

A report from The Northridge Group examines gaps in service that still persist. They discovered that less than 40% said social media is an easy way to contact a brand for customer service, while nearly 50% said phone calls were the preferred method of receiving customer service. Look to this research to discover the status-quo of your customers’ opinions on customer service.



How The World’s Largest Hospitality Booking Company Embraces High-Touch Customer Service

As a personal fan of I enjoyed reading this review of their customer service strategy. Micah has taken an in depth view of what makes this company grow and remain one of the top hospitality booking companies despite the competition. What’s the secret? You guessed it: top notch customer service! Learn how they do it directly from’s new CEO, Gillian Tans.



Calculating the ROI of Customer Engagement

Being able to measure your performance is a key step on the path to improve and perfect your customer engagement. Rachel took the ROI model and applied it to community managers to provide a clear outlook on the resources you are using and the benefit they provide. Rachel even added a great and easy to use formula to measure your success.



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The New Age of Customer Engagement: Secret Sauce to a Successful Business

Brands sometimes assume what a customer needs when they devise engagement strategies. They think about what needs to be done like a business and not as a client who is at the receiving end. Ask yourself if your brand is guilty of any of the engagement mistakes mentioned in the article and if so fix them as soon as possible to prevent churn.



Do Companies Understand the Customer Journey?

Millward Brown Digital polled 300 US senior marketers from brands, agencies and media companies and found that as many as 55% said they were not confident in their understanding of their customer journey. While this should be a top priority for a company, the customer journey is still being forgotten which results in churn and excessive resources inefficiently devoted to customer service.



The Top 10 Banks in Customer Satisfaction for 2016

You can’t keep everyone happy all the time, but who can make the most people happy most of the time? This article looks at the banks who are doing a great job of making their customers happy. Is your bank on this list?

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