Best Customer Support News from Around the World!

The customer service news has been good this week!  I wanted to share with you my favourite bits of news that showed me that this hashtag (#custserv) is the best hashtag around!   Ok it is just a hashtag, but customer service news spreads fast on twitter, so its a great place to read up and catch up!

First up, we have a piece about how to say ‘no’ to customers.  Customer service can be a delicate matter.  If you do things wrong, in a day and age with social media at the forefront of the call center, you have a problem.  The reputation is a part of it and saying ‘no’ might ruin that.  Learn how to say ‘No’ in the right way!

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Customers service tips from Finding Nemo?  Is that right?  Yes it is.  Salesforce explores 5 ideas that can help you have great customer service.

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Social customer service is something I believe is vital.  Its a method I preach as vital to your call center all the time!  Learn how you need to be proactive with your social customer service practices.

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Flavio Martins, the great customer service guru explains why he thinks the only day when customers matter is: TODAY!

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Learn from the guys at SoCoCare how you can Provide Social Customer Service for the Right Reasons!  Some great tips that can set you on your way to have great customer service!

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Hope you have enjoyed reading the top news from the week!  As usual, I love sharing what I found interesting!


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