Best of Customer Service

1. Why Customer Obsessed Amazon is Our Most Important Business Force has really transformed the experience of the customer in many ways. They’ve given their customers a simplified and stress-free shopping experience. Learn what you can borrow from Amazon from Paul Greenber’s article.

2. 6 Examples of Video in the Contact Centre

Video customer service has changed the face of the CX industry in many great ways. Through programs such as FaceTime and Skype, customers can enjoy live personalized assistance. Jonty Pearce puts the era of Video customer service into context.

3. European Businesses Admit to Customer Service Failings

Recent surveys show that a majority of customers are increasingly turning their backs on companies that offer poor customer service. This trend is quite prevalent in Europe. Find out more about the negatives of customer service failure by reading Chris Ward’s post.

4. Why Priming is Essential to Outstanding Customer Service

Priming is a term popularly used in Psychology to refer to the art of activating particular representations just before executing a particular action. Jeff Toister teaches you how to utilize this theory to deliver outstanding CS.

5. Visual IVR: Changing the Way Callers Engage with your Call Center

Visual IVR may not always be a successful mode of availing customer support services. Issues such as poor voice quality and multiple options may actually depleting customer satisfaction. Gali Kovaks talks about how you can evade some pitfalls of visual IVR.


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