Best of May on Customer Service

What an incredibly educational round up we have this month! Learn to identify the first warning signs when your customer service has the potential to deny
your company extra profits, see what the largest companies in the world do to remain at the top of the customer service ranking, and read about the
interesting industry of customer relations and support startups.


1. An Amazing Customer Service and Leadership Story to Learn From

Let’s begin with a short heartwarming story that gives us a glimpse of customer service at the most basic level based on the actions of none other than a
Starbucks barista. I took away an important lesson about the importance of focusing on each individual customer from this short yet insightful story.


2. Industry Perspectives on Customer Service Being Tech Driven or Emotions Driven

This is a fascinating panel about the importance of utilizing the right emotions while adapting to new customer service technologies. The panel
participants are all experts in the field of customer service and experience, and specifically emphasize the personal touch and its power for service.


3. Why Your Tech Startup Needs Customer Support: An Interview With’s Hana Mandapat

Many startups are low on resources and therefore have to carefully spend their funding while growing. One of the main things startups postpone is investing
in customer service and support. This interview shines a new light on the topic claiming that focusing on customer support will lead to the essential
resources needed for growth.


4. How to Get Good Customer Service Using Social Media

This article is actually a great opportunity to view the world through the eyes of the customer. It teaches customers from all walks of life how to utilize
social media to get a better and faster response from companies. Learn about the way you are being viewed by the very clients you serve through your social
media channels.

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5. 4 Tips To Improve Your Customer Service Policy

Don’t miss out on this great article, it offers 4 simple tips on how to keep customers loyal to your company. Invest in training your employees to give
better service, as this takes particular skill and does not always come naturally. In addition, methods to handle any type of customer, and using a clear
guideline to avoid any differentiation between customers are useful suggestions that can help you retain more customers.


6. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, HP Top Customer Service Survey

It’s always useful to learn from the best. The article features the world’s leading companies in customer service according to rank, based on a recent
survey. This can be a great opportunity for any aspiring company to learn how to manage and handle customer support in order to achieve long term growth
and become an international success.


7. 5 Signs Your Customer Service Operation Is In Need Of A Makeover

A must read for any managerial position. Blake shares her 5 warning signs that determine that the customer service operation is causing more harm than
good. It pushes prospective clients away and denies real growth. This must be applied to any organization so they are able to identify problems and make
the necessary improvements rapidly.


8. 5 Customer Service Myths You Won’t Believe!

In the world of customer service there are so many beliefs that are mistaken as facts. You would naturally conclude that a complaining customer is an
issue. A problem that needs to be dealt with, a solution must be created within the company in order to prevent future customers from complaining as well.
But, according to this fascinating infographic by Salesforce, you want your customers to complain.

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