Best of the Week in CS

Another hot summer week has gone by, but that doesn’t mean I’ve let the heat stop me from reading some interesting customer support articles! Here are my favorite reads this week.

1. The Role of Content in Self-Service Design

 In this article by Gerry McGovern, he discusses the importance of quality content in self-service design. I think you’ll agree with his ideas about small changes leading to big impact.

2. Guest Blog: Putting the Customer Last 

Shep Hyken wrote this article about the mistakes we often make in creating policies and procedures which unintentionally place the customer last. I think you’ll enjoy his anecdotes and personal experiences, which highlight these many inadvertent errors.

3. Mobile Technologies Can Turbo-Charge Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience

This article by Ron Kaufman (along with the accompanying video) helps to define the kinds of behavior that indicates a truly loyal customer. This article will be particularly helpful to you if you are looking for ways to identify some critical indicators of high value customers who will remain loyal.

4.  How Mobile Technologies can Turbo Charge Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience

JP Gownder’s article about the importance of mobile technologies to customer loyalty, helps to demonstrate, through a series of great mobile solutions the importance of innovation in this area. I think you’ll find the summary of mobile solutions particularly impressive.

5. Video: Dealing with Angry Customers

Finally there’s my article outlining the highlights of the video “Dealing with Angry Customers” which showcases the critical steps required to delivering excellent service, even when facing down the most difficult customer. I think you’ll find the video funny and engaging.




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