The Primal Fear of Contacting Support

Stellar customer service will help to combat bad customer service experiences. Therefore, creating an environment with the best customer support tools and premium services are two of the major keys to success in this area. While some companies offer great customer support to the consumer’s that they service, other companies are well known for providing

How to Make your Customer Support Accessible and Friendly

When customer support services are not accessible and friendly, it’s only natural for clients to stop using them. In some cases, they can grow so frustrated with the experience that they’ll permanently stop using your solution, product and also service. Recently I interviewed Hipmob’s CEO and founder, Ayo Omojola who shared with me his vast

Invest in Your Customers More Than Your Brand

I came across this great article and many things struck me when reading this article.  But mainly the facts that often customers are not the center of the business. Here are the main points I took from the article.    A key issue when it comes to selling products online is that customers need to get as much information

[Interview] The Year of Social Customer Service

An interview with Alon Waisman, Social Media operations manager at Go Daddy   2013 is set to be the year when enterprises adopt social media as a real and active tool for customer service. I had the opportunity to speak to a leader and early adopter of this concept, Alon Waisman of Go Daddy. Alon

Amazing Customer Service News You Probably Missed This Week

A New Year and a New start!  New year resolutions are already out the window, but its not too late to catch up on the news round up of the week! Win the Customer, a customer service blog highlights the top news from 2012. Read more A recent study showed that 71% of brands dont reply to their customers’ tweets!

5 Tools to Make Customer Service More Effective

When looking for tools to make customer service more effective on webpage systems, there are many available technologies and strategies made available via recent advances in web development systems. This is a golden age for rich web content and interactivity, with computers becoming more powerful and bandwidth increasing. However, just because computers and bandwidth are

2013 Predictions for Customer Service – Customers Will Expect Service Right Now

There I said it!  2013 will be the year of instant gratification    Challenges in CRM never become easier to meet. In this digital age, customers have made it absolutely clear that they want fast customer service response, they want it customized for their individual needs, and they’re not going to settle for anything less. Companies