3 Tips: How to Improve Your Customer Experience

How to improve customer experience should always be a foremost concern to any business worth their salt. Nobody’s going to argue against this, of course. But there have been many strategies tried over the years. Customer attitudes change over time, as does the nature of commerce and business itself. As the climates change, the strategies

Top Free Customer Service Software Solutions

Free customer service software is a crucial component in the software library of any company that wishes to achieve the ultimate positive user experience with their services and products. Choosing the proper customer service support software is all about knowing what your customers’ needs will be, what problems you may encounter, and the type of

Top Customer Relationship Management Articles of 2012

Today, we’d like to take a look at some of the other literature out there that talks about customer service relationships. In looking at the pros and cons of these customer service relationship management articles, we can learn a little bit about what the world thinks of this topic, and what some of the wisest

Have You Got a Customer Service Philosophy ?

Have you got a customer service philosophy?  This is a question that any service provider, designer of user experiences and pretty much any other professional outlet should stop and ask themselves at some point. Often underestimated as not so important to user experience, is in fact one of the key notes in positive user experience

Your Top News Tailored to You

It’s almost Christmas and all the Call Centers must be buzzing with calls from customers worried that they wont be served over the holiday period! Lots of news came up this week…so here is the round up specially for you…in fact I could say it’s tailor made for you! Find out how to quickly uncover

Why Customer Relationship Management Solutions Are Important

Customer relationship management solutions are the best and most effective method in maintaining the good relationship with the current and future customers. In this competitive commercial world, maintaining a good relationship with the current and future customers is a crucial and irresistible thing for a business. CRM  solutions is not just a formal relationship, there

Top Telephone Customer Service Tips

Customer service is an essential part of any business. However, many companies are unable to provide good customer service through the telephone, resulting in a lower standard of business. Use these important telephone customer service tips in order to improve customer service standards. First, begin the conversation the right way. Many customer service representatives fail to set