Sucking the Problems Out of your Customer Service Department!

Interview with Karen Wenborn, Interim GB & I Customer Service Director at Dyson When I got the opportunity to speak with a customer experience evangelist, I couldn’t say no!  A thought leader and head of Dyson customer experience, there were many questions I just needed to know the answer to. Customer service and the experience

[Guest Post] SCRM in 2013: Next Gen Social Media Analytics

Bhupendra Khanal – CEO, Simplify360   The time when people discussed tools is long past. 2013 will talk about business outcomes, KPIs and unified systems that streamline business functions. Social Media is moving towards becoming a general utility medium much like Phone or Email. Remember, even though these mediums are used for customer service, no

How Affiliate Marketing Thrives Off Great Customer Service

Affiliate Marketing is A process that allows an individual or company to advertise a product of another person or company, and earn a commission.   I recently had the opportunity to speak with Laura James, Publisher Development Manager at Commission Junction – CJ Media.  I wanted to speak to her, because coming from the online

[Guest Post] Process or Culture: Which Matters Most in Improving Customer Service?

Guest Post by Lynn Daniel, president of The Daniel Group Many times as we work with clients they tend to focus more on improving processes as a way to better customer service than addressing the cultural/employee issues that also play a role in delivering a positively memorable customer service experience.  There are many reasons for this.  Often,

When it Comes to the Contact Center Customer, You Either Adapt or Lose

Guest Post by Bassam Salem, Chief Business Officer at inContact, the largest provider of cloud contact center software and infrastructure solutions. The world has massively changed in the last decade. Technology has evolved sooner than many of us expected, and lead to a complete transformation of how the customer experience is regarded. From marketing to customer service, everything has

Is Live Chat a Benefit to your Business?

It’s not something new that with all these technological advances, it’s a good move to adopt tools to improve your customer services.  But how many know that the costs to use is nothing compared to how much money you can save for the business.  Probably not many!  Live chat and other somewhat self-service component are

[Guest Post] Is Everything Okay? Checking up on a Service Call

Perhaps one of the most important components of any business is the customer. A great idea and great delivery cannot succeed unless the customer is willing to not only do business with a company but also appreciate the services they have to offer. The importance of good customer service is therefore the ultimate goal of