Internet Forums Give Your Customer a Voice – Guest Post by By Patrick Clinger, CEO of ProBoards

By Patrick Clinger, CEO of ProBoards Do you remember the Internet bulletin boards and newsgroups where people exchanged news, ideas, and debated topics? Well, they’re still alive and kicking, only now they’ve been fortified with hundreds of new features, Web 2.0 technologies and are even easier to use. Now called “Internet Forums,” these collaborative discussion

[Guest Post] How To Handle Negative Feedback on Social Media

Social media has many perks for companies and consumers. Companies can get the word out about products, services, and promotions and connect with potential customers, while consumers can reach out and get in touch with the brands they love. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest make it easy for customers to reach out to companies. Unfortunately,

Five Tips for Choosing a Social Engagement Platform

Guest Post by Edwin Margulies, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of SoCoCare Social Engagement for Customer Care has come a long way in the past decade. Early systems were focused on “listening,” brand awareness, and general marketing use. But the technology for actual enterprise engagement with social authors has evolved. Here are some tips for making

Are You Auto-filling Instead of Listening? Guest post By David Lee

Guest post By David Lee I just had a funny experience that is a great metaphor for what unfortunately happens far too often in customer service interactions, not to mention personal relationships. It’s the Auto-fill. Here’s what happened… I had emailed a former client who I really like to say “Hi” and catch up. In

The Problem with Inside-Out Thinking

  by Annette Franz Gleneicki TSA recently announced that it was changing some of its carry-on restrictions next month; in addition to  certain types of knives, they will allow passengers to bring golf clubs, hockey sticks, and plastic bats onto planes, all of which had been restricted post-9/11. Other than the obvious question about whether

[Guest Post] If You Want Vital Customer Experience Feedback, You MUST Do This

          Guest post By David Lee Recently, I closed out my safety deposit box at one bank and moved it to another because their security procedure seemed very lax to me. I can’t remember the details, but I remember at the time being concerned that anyone could have forged my scribbly

Obsessed with the Metrics or the Customer Experience?

  By Melissa Kovacevic, Principal Consultant Customer Experience & Contact Center Consulting Several years ago, I walked into the office of a Contact Center Manager to review some information with him.  We moved my chair around to his monitor view side of the desk so he could show me some information on his desktop.  As I