It’s all about price – or are Shoppers Willing to Pay More for Better Customer Experience?

    We all love a good deal, a bargain and to perhaps even haggle a little.  But have you ever wondered if the customer experience matters at all and how low will you go before you give up on the brand? A study by Oracle reveals that customer experience is now a key driver

Living Out Your Brand Promise – Guest Post by Fred Zimny

  Guest Post by Fred Zimny, Editor of and Senior service professional. These are challenging times for us working in customer service. Many brands have fallen from grace lately. I was raised with good old Philips-household supplies, photographed with Minolta and Kodak and still drive a Saab. My working assumption is that brand managers in these

4 #custserv news you cant afford to miss

This week has been a busy week for the #custserv world I have found the 4 top news that you cant afford to miss this week! 2012 has been quite a year and our friends at SMH have listed the worst customer service experiences of the week Read more Travolution had a great Guest post

How to Improve Your Customer Service Skills and Improve Profit Margins

How to improve customer service skills to enhance your organization’s profitability can be a haunting subject especially if you have established that your weakness lies in the way you handle your existing and potential customers. You can find the solution to customer related service problems by looking at situations from clients’ stand point of view.

Some Effective Ideas To Improve Customer Service In Your Business

For any company or business out there customer service is the root of customer retention rate and that is why they will need to always consider new ideas to improve customer service. As an example of ideas to improve customer service, plenty of companies are actually issuing loyalty cads to their customers in order to

Simplicity And Consistency For Great Customer Experience

By Melissa Kovacevic, Principal Consultant Customer Experience & Contact Center Consulting   I recently facilitated an Employee Feedback meeting for a client.  Our discussion focused on employee observations related to Customer Experience.  The feedback group included contact center agents, retail store employees and technicians.  When I asked them if customers were receiving the best quality