Listen to Your Employees, Value Your Customers – an interview with influencer Ricardo S. Gulko

Ricardo S. Gulko has been helping large companies as executive and global strategist such as Samsung, Amdocs, Ericsson, Vodafone among several other to enhance their services,delivery, customer experience to ensure customer success with a hands on approach.   In his interview with me, he shared his insights on the current state of the customer service

Important Customer Satisfaction Metrics to Follow

So, customer satisfaction metrics are obviously something important to keep an eye on, because a satisfied customer is potentially a loyal customer and potentially an addition to a good standing reputation as a company. A better reputation also brings profitability and growth right along with loyalty. But, what are the important metrics for this? Some

Prioritize Your Customer Experience for Your Customers

The customer experience is the most pivotal aspect of any business. However, this school of thought does not entirely resonate with many organizations.  Companies are too busy selling their products and services; in the process, they fail to address the matter that is the customer experience. Largely, organizations have not changed the old rules of

Aberdeen Group Publishes New Research: Customer Experience is Changing

A new press release has found some research that proves a little what i have been preaching for a while. That there are links between customer service and marketing, social customer care. The research was based on two webinars that were conducted   One focuses on the social customer service practices and one on getting customer