The Challenges of Providing Customer Support in the Travel Industry

Since the beginning of customer service, there has been a steady progression on how companies strive to give their customers the best support possible. This started with providing manuals on how to use specific features, then moved on to include customer service numbers that can be called for support. Now, the travel industry sees another

Why Customer Experience Has to Be Taken Seriously

Customer experience is what builds trust, advocates brand loyalty, and ensures long term customer retention. Most companies, sadly, don’t focus on Customer experience. Therefore, it’s no wonder their customers don’t build loyalty… and leave. The customer experience is vital to the development process of a company. The effects of not focusing on the customer experience

Customer Experience Management – News

Customer Experience Management is key to making sure that your customers are happy.  So when I came across this bit of news, I had to share with you. What caught my eye was that these technologies are making it easier for customers to create a better experience for customers.   Customer Experience Management Market & Voice

7 Tips for Success – Get your Head in the Cloud(s)

Marc Benioff, CEO of speaks at the Tomorrow Conference 2013 The CEO of a leading company, you may have heard of perhaps…yes Salesforce.  The company is a major game changer of a business when they use the tool. The CEO spoke about technology and innovation and I certainly loved hearing him speak.  He enlisted

Cut the Cost of Customer Service in 7 Simple Steps

Customer service is very critical to the survival of any business given that it’s the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. Basically, it is a corporate crime to ignore your customer contact center as it might drive away your potential customers and hence hurting your bottom line in the long run. Unfortunately, the current global

Is There Such Thing as Customer Nurturing in the Call Center?

Customer service is a big part of any business, and in many, the core and backbone of the business.  Nurturing the customer is something of a new term often used to nurture the leads who then become customers.  But what about the idea of nurturing the existing customer in order to keep them happy? This