My Favorite Articles This Week on Customer Service

In order to deliver superior customer service, you must understand the consumers’ definition of customer service. Once you understand that, it’s easier to deliver the experience and service they want. Find out how to ditch bad customer service habits, read statistics on the power of positive customer service, see how to convince customers to keep

How To Measure Customer Satisfaction Levels

Customer satisfaction is one of the things that must be seriously considered for a business to grow. This is because unless your clients like what they get from you, there is no way they will want to buy from you again. However, how do you know if your customers are satisfied? Indeed, measuring customer satisfaction

The Drivers of Customer Satisfaction Explained

So, over time, we’ve talked a lot about different concerns when it comes to customer support, customer experience and customer loyalty. We’ve talked about issues directly related to these, like monthly recurring revenue, lifetime values of customers, metrics like customer acquisition costs, and even analytics topics for discerning (beyond the range of Heisenberg effect problems)

Global Survey Shows Consumers will Share Personal Data

Customers are always striving for great customer service and if they can get it, even at a good price, they will seek out for it.  The survey, conducted by Coleman Parkes asked 3,900 consumers what they thought certain areas of the buying process. Amdocs, the leading provider of customer experience systems and services, today released the

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction

I haven’t talked much about how to measure customer satisfaction in a grander level beyond support enters and the like very much. And, shame on me, because it’s actually something that’s ripe for discussion, given how most companies struggle in customer service in one way or another. This is normal, and does not mean something is

The Importance of Customer Satisfaction

The importance of customer satisfaction cannot be understated. Now, before you respond with a very boisterous “duh”, hear me out. It goes beyond what you may normally expect, as a business person. See, it’s not just that a satisfied customer is a returning customer, though that is absolutely part of it. It goes beyond this, and