A Customer Satisfaction Improvement Plan that Works

Do you have a customer satisfaction improvement plan? Because believe me, you need one. Now, in those two sentences, I bet I just gave you the false impression that I was claiming your company was particularly poor in some manner or another. Because, if your company’s not awful, why would you need to improve customer satisfaction,

3 Best Customer Satisfaction Books

While at the bookstore the other day, I was again surprised to see a new genre of books in the business area. My curiosity piqued, I grabbed one of them and read a little of it at their coffee bar. Don’t tell them I did that, it’s against the rules. I was fascinated by just how insightful the

Is Technology a Factor in Customer Happiness and Satisfaction

Gone are the days when customers are fully at the mercy of service providers. Airlines, for instance, you now have self-service check-in counters that are both a cost-avoidance feature that keeps airlines from deploying agents at the airport counters, and a customer-empowering feature that have delighted a large segment of the market served by these

Increase Customer Satisfaction Goals with These Tips

Customer satisfaction goals should forever be something that companies aim to fulfill no matter what scenarios they face or adversity they otherwise overcome. Customer service and satisfaction is that by which a company is judged above all other things, and so it is important that the company excel in customer satisfaction at all costs. Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Analysis – Identification of Key Drivers

People often underestimate the importance of customer satisfaction analysis and its importance to overall metrics in customer support. The thing is, a company is judged foremost by their CRM and customer service. Great customer service goes mostly without being noticed, while poor customer service is the stuff of legends and is never forgotten. This means that

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Today, we’re going to talk about something everyone’s interested in, how to improve customer satisfaction. This is an ongoing goal for any company worth their salt, and for good reason. An unsatisfied customer is not a returning customer. Lost customers are lost profit, which equals failure when the incremental loss adds up. The phrase “the customer