What Customer Loyalty REALLY Is (Infographic)

Customer loyalty is more than having a customer return for his free drink after completing a punch-card. It is the result of hard work, great effort in customer service, and the full understanding of a customer-centric approach.   The basics of customer loyalty start with company policies, staff experience, interactions, and positive impact.    

5 Productivity Inhibitors of Customer Service Teams

Are you in charge of a customer service team? As the manager, it’s your job to keep your customers happy at all times. It’s also your job to increase productivity from your customer service staff. Sometimes these objectives seem diametrically opposed, but once you learn these productivity inhibitors, you’ll be able to boost customer service

The Race for Customer Service Excellence is On – An Interview with Jim Iyoob

Customers now have the right of way. What used to be a one way street service in the world of business, has become a platform in making sure the customer is placed high on a pedestal. Companies know that a happy customer is the beating heart of their organization. In the race for success, companies

September Success Stories: Tips from Customer Service Experts

People who have established expertise in particular areas are able to think efficiently about solving problems in those areas. Because experts have gained broad knowledge in these areas it is a great opportunity when they are willing to share it. In this list of top monthly articles on customer service , every author is considered