Transforming Customers into Walking Advertisements:

A little Customer Service goes a long way. $338,500,000,000. This ridiculously huge number is the estimated sum of money that is lost, worldwide, due to poor customer service. This being said, one can safely say that there is almost no downside to providing the customer with only the best service when dealing with an issue.

Best of May on Customer Service

What an incredibly educational round up we have this month! Learn to identify the first warning signs when your customer service has the potential to deny your company extra profits, see what the largest companies in the world do to remain at the top of the customer service ranking, and read about the interesting industry

Cheesy but Still Solid Ways of Engaging Customers

Cheezy but Still Solid Ways of Engaging Customers Engaging customers is an essential aspect of any successful business. It is sort of how it is much easier to cook a great steak once the meat has been tenderized. Yes I am telling you to tenderize your customers, with engagement. The internet provides us with a

5 Customer Service Myths You Won’t Believe!

In the world of customer service there are so many beliefs that are mistaken as fact. You would naturally conclude that a complaining customer is an issue. A problem that needs to be dealt with, a solution must be created within the company in order to prevent future customers from complaining as well. But, according

Customer Service: Who Cares?

In this technology-driven age, companies are constantly implementing new and innovative technologies in order to improve their customer service. Although this is great in theory, the amount of time they actually spend on perfecting and improving these strategies seems to be lacking significantly, and leads us to question where their priorities lie.  You would think

6 Movie Scenes Presenting the Worst Types of Customers

We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all met them. We’ve encountered some of them during work, and others when we go out. They are everywhere. Yes, I am talking about terrible customers. This video lists these types of customers, who can really make us lose it, and divides them into 6 “types:” The Oral Abuser

Customer Service April 2016 Best Of The Month

The month of April was loaded with articles about the rise of the machines within customer service. Robots and artificial intelligence are taking over the industry, meaning there are less humans on the other side of the screen providing customers with help. Some authors object to this new technology, while others support it and even