Weekly news roundup! Catch up on the top 5 news articles you’ve missed this week!

Customer Service is the new marketing. Exploring tools to make #Custserv better for your brand.  Read I Want it NOW’s weekly news roundup of the week!  Make sure you don’t miss a thing! What’s in the news for this week? Barak Obama won his second term as President of the United States of America. He

How Social Media Users are Expecting Great Customer Service

Social media has changed the way consumers act, think and the way they interact with companies. The Customers contact is measuring customer satisfaction and that’s the ultimate goal, and nowhere do people speak more truth than on social media platforms.  There’s a lot more pressure to respond to customer complaints.  This is because they are

Celebrating Customer Service Week 2012

In October its custom to celebrate customer service week 2012! Every year customer service and support centers celebrate customer service week.  This is their way of showing appreciation to the industry and of course the people who make the support teams so good! Each year CSWeek.com offers all the information, free of charge, materials and

The Evolution of First call Resolution

I’m sure the first call from any customer wasn’t intended to last too long, or need a second call for the issue to be resolved!  but it happens! So what did it take for the customer service world to understand that all it takes is self service in order to the first call to be the only call the

4 Steps to Improving First Call Resolution

One thing you can guarantee is that you need to answer your customer calls.  It’s the basis of customer service.  The first call is the most important and if you can resolve the issue in the first call, you are on to a good start. Let’s explore First contact resolution. The First Time. How much

Customer Service and Support – Make Things Easier for Everyone

Booking a flights online, paying the electricity bill and everything else that enables us to live and survive is online these days . Everybody needs to use websites that demand some sort of usability. Its not just businesses who use technology, but the customers too. No matter how internet smart the customers become, it can