What are the average ‘Average hold times’ (AHT) for Contact Centers?

Let’s look at this from the customers prospective.  Customers don’t want to wait at all!  They want to pick up the phone, dial, and have someone answer, just as though they were calling their great Aunt in Florida!  They require instant gratification from the initial call and from their problems. We know this isn’t possible,

10 Ways to have Customer Service Success

Customer Service is the gatekeeper and face of your brand.  The customers don’t see the VP’s, and tech people as the brand, they see the representatives who help them with their every need as the face of the brand!   The web also allows them to be heard and if they are happy, or unhappy, they

All Things Customer Service

Customer Service!  It’s my world. This Blog is focused on Customer Service for the Instant gratification era.  The ‘I want it now’ mentality.    The faster the results, the better for everyone. This blog will focus on the main KPI’s of the full Customer Service Experience.  “I want it now” will discuss all the daily jargon,