Shanghai Disney’s Grand Opening and The Magic of Customer Service

There’s much excitement with the $5.5 billion theme park, Shanghai Disney’s grand opening on June 16, 2016. Chief Executive Robert A. Iger biggest obstacle will be providing great customer service, in an economy that often has uneven customer service. Shanghai Disney – The Magic of Customer Service Sara Wong from Kelly Services’ in Hong Kong

Waze Is Entering Customer Service Lane – Piloting Waze Carpool

The Google-owned navigation app Waze has just entered into its pilot stage for Waze Carpool. Employees from select companies in the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to share rides to and from work during this pilot stage. The goal of Waze Carpool is to give commuters a chance to beat rush hour by

Verizon Strike: Will it Affect Customer Service?

The Wednesday 6AM deadline has passed for Verizon and labor unions to reach an agreement. Nearly 40,000 workers have joined the strike on the east coast, and it’s one of the largest strikes in recent years. Verizon Strike – What’s all the fuss about? The workers are expected to picket and protest hundreds of Verizon

Customer Service Weekly Roundup

The field of customer care has been developing magnificently over the years, mostly thanks to technological advancements. Every day, more tools are being invented to ease self-service, and more articles are being written about ways to improve our customer care skills. Find out how tech changes our customer experience and life, the power of customer

My Favorite Articles this Week in Customer Service

Social media is a great way to offer your customers an excellent service. Find out how to get an awesome customer service on twitter, what kind of subliminal reasons customer won’t do business with you, and more. Below you can find the articles that I loved this week. 5 Tips On How To Offer Customer

My Favorite Articles this week about Customer Service

Customer service is all about providing good services to customers before, during and after the purchase. Below are the best customer service articles of the week. The Benefits of Customer Segmentation This is the process of dividing the customers into groups. The merits of customer segmentation include customized services, understanding the customers, maximizing product potential

My 5 Favorite Articles in Customer Service This Week

I found some great CS articles this week that cover such topics as tips for brands on facebook, the benefits of dynamic customer service and washing dishes. Have a look below and enjoy the great information. 6 Customer-Service Tips for Brands on Facebook, from Barry Moltz Many businesses make use of social media networks to