This Week’s Latest News in Customer Service

This week’s best in Customer Service gets back to basics in order to build customer support processes that are effective, supportive and engaging. 1. 5 Ass Kicking Tips To Help You Give Kick Ass Customer Support Scott Hargroves’ article looks at 5 key ways to give “kick ass” customer support. From getting your house in order

This Week’s Best in Customer Service News

In this week’s best in Customer Service, the articles outline the impact of modern customer service, 5-star customer service, and even ways to reduce call center stress and attrition. 1. 3 Ways Government Customer Service Can Win the Popular Vote Tricia Morris’ article shows that it is possible for any agency to transform their customer service

This Week in Customer Support

This week’s best in Customer Support identifies some key steps to winning your customers’ support, 15 traits of top-tier support departments, and even some key ways to show your customers some love this Valentines Day. 1. 3 Simple Steps to Taking Advantage of Customer Support Wins Andrew Konoff’s article outlines the very best in customer service.

This Week in Customer Support

In this week’s best in Customer Support we look at some bad habits that cost you customers. We even look at canned messages and leverage their possibilities and opportunities. 1. 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Let Customer Service Tasks Become Overdue In Larry Alton’s article, he outlines just why you should never let customer service

This Week’s Latest in Customer Service

In this weeks best in customer service, we’re all about surprise. Surprising benefits of giving your customers more control, baffling advances in social customer services and even showstopping examples of extreme usefulness. 1.Guest Blog: Take a Turn for Better Customer Service Russel Lolacher offers up this guest post on Shep Hyken’s blog about his T.U.R.N.

This Week’s News in Customer Service

This week’s best in customer service will help you create the right strategy for your business, focus on improving your customer service team, and even provides some important information about the impact of Cyber Monday. 1. 5 Ways to Keep Your Customer Service Team Off the Naughty List Cesar Arreola’s article provides a humorous overview

Avaya and Google Join to Create a Lighter, Flexible and Less Costly Contact Center Where Agents can Engage Customers from Anywhere

Earlier in the month Google and Avaya announced what if succeeds will become the tipping point towards the WebRTC dominance in the contact center market. Avaya explains that for years, the contact center was largely a static entity. Agents took calls at their desk, which were routed through expensive, physical hardware located onsite. Contact centers