This Week’s News in Customer Support

By: Amy @IWantItNowBlog Clark From ways to create evangelical customers to thinking about rewarding your customer base during the thanksgiving season, this week’s best offers up a number of strategies to hit the refresh button on your customer support. 1. The Art of Anticipation: Why Apple’s Retail Customer Service Is Better Than Yours In this article by Micah

This Week in Customer Engagement

This week’s best seems to be on customer engagement through quality training and employee support. From teaching CEOs what they need to know about building a strong (and supported) customer service team to insights into the future of customer engagement, this week’s best are sure to help you find a balance. 1.  44 Facts Defining

The Week’s Best Reads in Customer Engagement

In this week’s best in customer engagement, you’ll find some of the ways that big brands are harnessing user generated content, find ways to provide a more personalized customer experience and even a way to improve call centers. This week’s best has something for every CE leader. 1. Customer Engagement: Developing Healthy Alliance Between Brand

This Week’s Best Articles in Customer Engagement

This week’s best in customer engagement covers a variety of themes. These include digital media experts, social media engagement and even a list of the very best and worst in CS. 1. Roundtable: Experts Talk Digital Customer Engagement In this article by Christopher Hall, he describes the DSA symposium and the gathering of industry executives.

The Best of This Week’s News in Customer Engagement

This week’s best in Customer Engagement will help you better understand some of the critical ingredients in the creation of the best content, most competitive differentiators and even improvements to your call center.   1. Customer Engagement Strategies – Why Content Targeting is the Key In this article by Alan Clark he outlines a four-step process

This Week’s Best Reads in Customer Engagement

This week’s best include the very best in secrets, solutions and service. From fixes for the most difficult customer service situations to secret ingredients for e-commerce success, there’s a solution for a myriad difficulties. 1. Customer service is king; 5 tips for putting together a king’s court This article by Alaina Scott of Tire Business

This Week’s Best in Customer Engagement

This week’s top five in Customer Engagement help us get a better understanding of the role of customer experience in building loyalty, in determining the role of customer service, and in establishing superior social media experience. 1. 9 Plus 1 Behaviors of Truly Loyal Customers This article by Ron Kaufman  provides an excellent overview of