Best of the Week in CS

Another hot summer week has gone by, but that doesn’t mean I’ve let the heat stop me from reading some interesting customer support articles! Here are my favorite reads this week. 1. The Role of Content in Self-Service Design  In this article by Gerry McGovern, he discusses the importance of quality content in self-service design. I think you’ll agree with his

The Week’s Best Reads in Customer Service

1. Using Customer Analytics to Improve Corporate Performance This article by Louis Columbus helps us gain better insight into attracting new customers while retaining and encouraging existing ones. This is good solid readings because sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. 2. 10 Steps to Great Customer Service Jerry LePre’s article provides critical

The Week’s Best in Customer Service

 1. It’s Time to Put Service in Your Customer’s Hands This article by Tricia Morris helps articulate some of the biggest changes in the area of mobile customer service and how you can work with these to provide exceptional customer service. 2. There’s Nothing Less Efficient than Providing Great Customer Service Micah Solomon’s article on the

This Week’s Best Articles in Customer Support

#1 – Why the Zappos Way May Not Deliver Happiness to Your Company Anita Bruzzese’s very interesting article about not necessarily rolling out the red carpet for every customer is critical and well written. This article explains just why the Zappos model may not benefit every business and why they could afford to be a

The Greatest Customer Service Reads

How Gamification Makes Customer Service Fun Gamification is the right way to go. Read Sharon Florentine’s article to find out why gamifying your customer service could be the beginning of your success. Support Teams: Stop Being Blinded by Faster Response Times Is your CS team making the mistake of rushing your customers through the support