Unique Challenges of Online CRM Customer Support

For the customer relationship management, or CRM, industry nothing is more important than getting in touch with your customers. This has been the case ever since companies handed out manuals and pamphlets out to people so that they would better understand their services and products. Eventually, phones came into the market and companies evolved by

Overcoming Online Customer Support for Insurance

For insurance companies, nothing is more important than customer service. This started for everyone back when pamphlets and manuals were handed out for clarification regarding new policies or programs. Progression then came with the implementation of phone lines for customer support, giving people a way to get direct contact with representatives and agents. Next, things

Top 3 Ways to Improve your Customer Service Skills

It’s important to know how you can improve your customer service skills. This is mainly because today’s economy is ruled by customers. You cannot afford to ignore them let alone lose them. When a customer ends a call with your business and they feel satisfied, chances are that he will come back for repeat customer

Top 3 Free Customer Service Software Available

When it comes to free customer service software and help desks, the future is in the cloud. Gone are the days of on-premise customer service software where you need to buy a license, download the software, install it on your servers, and form a team to maintain and manage it. That was expensive, time-consuming, and